Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to get hair extensions?

The price is determined during your free consultation. Each client’s hair is different, and therefore prices cannot be predicted before the consultation. Price is determined by the experience of your extensionist, the amount of hair needed, and the desired length of the hair.

Can someone with fine thin hair wear extensions?

Yes! With proper consultation mostly every hair type can wear hair extensions. It’s one of the most effective ways to add volume and thickness for amazing style.

What amount of in- salon maintenance is needed?

The maintenance of your Hair Extensions will be determined by what type of hair extensions best fit the needs of your hair. During your consultation, this information will be provided to you.

What is the home maintenance?

Maintenance for your hair extensions is very easy.

  • A loop or special bristle brush is recommended and can be purchased at the time of your appointment.
  • A regular brush will not produce the same results.
  • Bonds can be brushed with the proper brush.
  • Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners should always be used.
  • You will receive further details during your appointment.
  • Brushing your hair on a regular basis is crucial to prevent tangles.
  • Never color, perm or use any chemical products on your hair without consulting your stylist first.
  • Do not use over the counter products, such as anything at a drug or grocery store.

Can I use my hair tools the same way on my extensions?

Yes, all heat styling tools can be used on your hair. Just like normal hair, high heat can cause damage. Therefore low heat and the use of a thermal protector is recommended. When using curling wands and flat irons, avoid using them near the bonds and this will ensure that they do not also become damaged.

Can you swim in the pool or ocean?

Pool chemicals are not good for anyone’s hair! Shampooing your hair as soon as possible after getting out of the pool or ocean is very important. If you cannot shampoo, at least rinse with water and apply a leave-in conditioner.

Can you pull your hair back?

Yes there are ways to conceal the bonds around your face for no detection.

How do you remove extensions?

Proper removal by BeUnique or a professional certified extensionist is crucial to allowing no damage to your own hair! You should not attempt to remove the extensions by yourself.

Can tanning beds affect the bonds?

Any excessive heat can soften the bonds. Putting stress on the bonds after tanning including brushing or wearing a ponytail can cause slippage. Cover your hair while tanning to protect from direct rays and let the bonds cool before pulling your hair tight or brushing.