Jacqueline has been doing my hair for over 10 years and is second to none when it comes to giving me what I want. She is a master at her craft, having done every cut and color combination on me imaginable… A new fav of mine she has introduced me to is hair extensions!

Whether its a little extra length or just a pop of color here & there, these keratin tip extensions are not only fun but, are actually good for your hair!!!!

Plus, they last anywhere from 3-6 months…Wow!!! (Mine lasted an entire 6 months and came out with ease….no damage done whatsoever!)
***Thanks Jaqi – You’re tha best!***

Call Jaqi and book your appt. today!!!!

Lora J. Ray, Client

Jacqueline is amazing!! She is your girl if your looking for high quality keratin hair extensions. They are very low maintenance compared to other methods for extensions and they last a really long time between touch ups. I was super impressed with how gentle it was on my natural hair and didn’t cause any breakage!

Kim Banks, Client

I would definitely recommend this salon and Jacqueline for hair extensions and any other salon service. They are the best!!

Jacqueline Gaines put in some hair extensions for me for my graduation from my Masters program and I love them. They look so natural and blend right in with my own hair. Hey look so good that my own husband hasn’t even noticed that they are there! I even have a thyroid problem and take medication for it and they have stayed in firm and not fallen out after 2 months!!

Lisa Carpenter, Client

I can’t imagine trusting anyone but Jacqueline as my stylist.

She has been my hair stylist for the last 9 years. I have had my hair cut, colored, and put in extensions and no matter what I ask from Jacqueline, she is always able to do just what I wanted.

There have been times I was unsure what I wanted and Jacquelines’ creative mind helped me pick a cut/color that was perfect for me.

She is very professional, yet friendly.

Faye Hessler, Client